The Endatto Blog: April Update

Leather travel watch case beside black and khaki vegetable tanned genuine calf leather watch straps

Staying productive despite the hurdles!

It’s been a crazy few months for everyone. First and foremost I want to extend my sincere hope that you have managed to stay healthy and safe. Best of luck to all as we move forward and begin to emerge from this madness!

Just like everyone else, Endatto was not immune to the impact of COVID-19. The global supply chain disruption over the last few months has impacted the company, mostly in the form of long slow days or needing to quickly react to a new vendor being forced to temporarily close. At one point, issues were popping up almost daily, depending on which country in our supply chain had received government orders to stay at home. The only part of this that has been easy is working from home, as that has been the case for our entire first year of existence!

Nonetheless, I’m proud to say that 2020 has been very productive for Endatto thus far. In January, production of the watches was officially initiated and our delivery timeline began to form. While the timeline has needed to be adjusted a bit in the months since, it has not been drastically impacted. I’ll have more of an update on the delivery timeline in the coming weeks.

In February, we were able to take significant steps in the design and prototyping of a travel case, within which every Endatto timepiece will arrive (pictured below). After pausing for a few months as a result of the pandemic, this manufacturer is back up and running and the cases should begin rolling off the line in the next few weeks.

Throughout the first quarter of the year, we’ve been working with a new vendor who will be providing specialty straps for purchase in addition to the watch. I’ve been looking for small ways to pay tribute to our home by giving the watches a touch of the American west, and we’ve decided to do so by producing buffalo leather straps that match the dial colors of the watches. I’m VERY excited about these. They are going to look incredible and the leather feels broken in on the first wear. More details and photos to come as the samples are finished up overseas.

Finally, after a pretty slow late-March and early-April, we locked in the straps that will come fitted to each watch purchased (pictured below). They are made from beautiful Italian leather, are very durable, and are manufactured to ensure the color won’t bleed as a result of moisture, a point we were sure to emphasize given our local temperatures in the summer months. This milestone is particularly important, as these straps were the last details that needed to be finalized before moving towards launch. I’ll be sending the watches for professional photographs this week, which will be followed by completing the build-out of the website. From there, it’s time to launch!

Launching by the end of May is the hope, but if the last few months have taught me anything, it’s that the timeline is out of my hands right now. The only thing that seems almost certain is that it will be a digital launch!

I’ll be sending out details regarding the launch as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for that update here and on social media. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!


Ted Verderame


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