The Endatto Blog: An Introduction

Endatto's Swiss-made watch featuring an Eta 2824-2 automatic movement and a green dial.

First and foremost, welcome to Endatto! We’re an American company based in Phoenix, Arizona producing Swiss-made watches. We officially launched our website, and along with it our premier collection of watches, on June 17, 2020. It’s a thrill to be officially off and running! Consider this first blog post to be a bit of an introduction. Below you’ll learn a bit more about the company, our new line of watches, and what to expect from this space in the future!

Every member of the Endatto team has a spirit of entrepreneurship. That spirit is something we’ve relied upon to help drive us forward as the world has placed hurdle after hurdle in front of us since we undertook this venture 14 months ago. We weren’t under the impression this was going to be easy, but just like everyone else, there was no way we could have predicted the events that have unfolded. Despite major disruptions to the global supply chain, we’re proud to be where we are today – at the launch of our premier collection!

A lot of painstaking time and effort was required to make this dream a reality, but we couldn’t be more excited about what we created. From the outset, we wanted to focus on versatility, unique design, and undeniable value.  We feel confident that we achieved all three of those objectives with the C1V1 and C1V2. Day or night, high class or laid back, these watches fit every occasion. Color, depth, and texture span the dials entirely, ensuring they stick out among the crowd. The highly regarded automatic movement, an Eta 2824-2, and Swiss watchmaking expertise combine to produce timepieces that will continue ticking accurately for years to come. 

We appreciate you spending some time on the site today, and plan to keep you coming back with regular blog posts in the future. The blog will cover all things Endatto, the watch industry, personal passions, travel, and whatever else feels interesting at the time! 

We’re fully aware that the path forward will be challenging, there’s always something new to learn. The industry is large and ever-expanding, particularly in terms of independent brands. However, we remain confident that we possess the determination for the fight and look forward to seeing where this journey takes us!


Ted Verderame

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2 thoughts on “The Endatto Blog: An Introduction”

  1. I like the design of the watches and I’m speaking of an experience of 35 years as a watch collector. Well done !
    Best Regards,
    Dirk Lenaerts
    P.O. Box 42258
    80100. Mombasa

  2. Your watches are really unique in style & i just love the design that it projects very expensive looking & makes the wearer look more handsome & he-man!!!

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