Endatto Craft Timepieces

Endatto Craft Timepieces is a company with character producing watches with character, timepieces to be appreciated by any generation while helping to initiate a new generation of horologists. Through collaboration with the most creative and talented people, Endatto will work tirelessly to interact with our customers and industry, deliver the highest quality Swiss-made timepieces at an affordable price, and support anyone out there looking to take control over their future. But there’s a bit more to the story than that.

Swiss-made watch featuring a red dial and Eta 2824-2 automatic movement with a genuine leather strap set beside passport and sunglasses
Swiss-made watch featuring a green dial and Eta 2824-2 automatic movement with a genuine leather strap set atop a tie beside cuff links

The entire Endatto team has a spirit of entrepreneurship. Throughout our careers in the corporate world, each of us had been patiently waiting for the day when the dream of starting our own business could become a reality. Taking control of the day, and the future, has been a constant search for us throughout our early careers, but came into greater focus as life threw curveballs over the last few years. In early 2019 we decided the time had finally come to take the leap, and Endatto was founded.

Everyone begins their relationship with watches at different times for different reasons, and Endatto’s team is no different. Most received watches as a gift when we were young, and went off and running with the obsession from there. At the time, given that many of us began our love of watches at an age where income was based upon an allowance, a piece was purchased based upon its exterior aesthetics as opposed to its interior details. However, eventually, we all reach a point where we realize the exterior of a watch is just the tip of the iceberg, and if you want the watch to have staying power, it better be expertly built internally. This became reinforced as our collections began to expand to mechanical timepieces. As a result, we decided producing watches focused on unique and versatile designs would be a priority for Endatto. We want our designs to stand out to watch enthusiasts and novices alike. However, we realize watches with short life spans are forgotten quickly. Therefore, our watches are fully Swiss-made, housing well-known and reliable movements, reassuring any purchaser of its quality and craftsmanship.

Endatto is a portmanteau, comprised of a few Italian words and a Latin word. Together, these words and their meanings strike at the heart of our motivations and goals.


Italian: act, action, feat.


Italian: exact, accurate, true, right, correct, strict


Italian: inborn, natural, inherent, native


Latin: character, younger generation, genius, talent, native quality

Translated from the English for “caliber” (caliber is another term for the movement of the watch)

Swiss-made watch featuring a green dial and Eta 2824-2 automatic movement with a genuine leather strap set beside passport and sunglasses

Atto represents our mindset. Esatto serves as an ode to what one seeks in a watch, and without which a watch is fairly useless. Innato drives at our love of watches. Indoles is a nod to what we hope to build.

The time to act is now. Welcome to Endatto!



Endatto’s partners in Switzerland, they are absolutely vital to ensuring that everything runs smoothly on their side of the Atlantic.

Luxe Design Co.

Endatto’s partner in web design and maintenance is also a locally owned small business in Phoenix, AZ! Check them out at luxedesign.co.


Megan Howard is one of the best branding artists and graphic designers in Arizona! See more of her amazing work and talent at @meghowart.

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